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I say again, if only they could talk ...pen

This is some thing that is really amazing and that I want to share with you all. The credit goes to my younger brother Sudhir for letting this happen.

It was some time in the month of June in the year 2006 that he came up with the idea of feeding pigeons at the window sill and since then an average of 25 to 30 pigeons have been visiting us during the morning afternoon and evening.

Feeding the pigeons gives an unique satisfaction to us, it is like having pets without really have to cage them. These birds are free and and they visit us regularly. They all are different and have an unique personality of their own.

Interestingly, it was for the first time that I have seen a a pigeon that is completely brown in color and another which is totally pitch black.

Pegion group

There are times that we are amused with amazement. They have a fixed time for gathering at the window sill.

This is around 06:15 AM to 06:30 AM. When they start to flock around and they will start to coo in such a loud noise that anyone sleeping in the room with that window would wake up.

They seem to demand righteously, "Ok! Where is the break fast?". Either me, my father or my brother scatter wheat grains on the window sill and their feeding frenzy begins and fights among them are not un common.

Then in the afternoon they will gather on the window sill again and this time they will peep from the gap beteween the window and the curtain, as if saying, "Hey buddy, got some grains to spare?".

Their pleas seldom go in vain. They also tend to casually assemble during the evening but they donot seem to come to feed.

Well this account is dedicated to two special pigeons that I have named Bruce Lee and Meg Lee. They were actually christened by my brother Sudhir.

Brue lee & Meg Lee

There is a genuine fact behind the naming. The bird named Bruce Lee was a little juvenile when he started to come to us but now he is a full grown male; and he even fights off pigeons bigger than him. When he is around no one except his girl friend can try loitering in the window sill pecking the wheat grains that we scatter.

It was his name that inspired the girl friend's name, Meg Lee. I am sure that Bruce Lee (the pigeon) will surely make the couple famous. 1

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