Her last visit ... penHer Last Visit


No one told me what was really going on, the only news that I received was that she is ill, very ill! I was having a grand time in a different part of the country at that very moment, blending with the festive mood of Deepavali 1 but the telegram brought the shock waves of apprehension.

I lost my composure and the only thing that I recall now is how friends helped me to get a train ticket, so that I could get to my home town, where she lived at the earliest!

It was a three days journey by train and a flight ticket was an unaffordable luxury.
I came home just to learn that she is no more! Wish, I was earlier than earliest. She had left this world just fifteen minutes before I boarded the train.

The pain the emotions broke down on me like an avalanche! That same night. Round about two clock. She came to visit me. I could sense her presence. It was as if I am in a trance and a semiconscious state... She came to say a last good bye,... for she did not get a chance to visit me for that last time in this life ... so she did so in the life that lies beyond...

Was I afraid... ??..... No! why should I be? She is my MOM!!

1. Deepavali, or festival of lights. For more, refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali
2. Image credit: Unknown

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