Comet ... pen


I saw a comet, a bit above the horizon,
That distincts,My life on Earth-
Not Clouds of fantasy!

That Comet is a star of hearts,
With a streak of passion to follow
Emotions rocking in Red!

I searched this Comet for long.
Veils of mists to lift,
Yes a glimpse! And constellations were built.

That Whirl of veil, that streak of lust,
Now distant far, like a comet.
I want her to come back to me!


All rights reserved © Sudip K Ghosh aka *~Anecentric
This original (and longer version) of this poem was written on Apirl 9th, 1997 and the same was inspired by the sight of Hale Bopp's comet (as seen on March 6th, 1997). The shorter and a refined version was published on the web on February 02, 2012