Close encounters of the female kind ... pen


Index of a collection of anecdotes/ in reverse chronological order

I always had enjoyed the pleasure of female company ever since childhood and I wish to do the same till the last breath I take.
The greatest of credits goes to women and girls among my friends, they truly earned the crown of "A friend in need is a friend in deed". Till date, sadly speaking of men or mere boys, I found all my women friends have proved themselves to better than them.

When I look upon my women friends I often wonder, isn't it sad,

"Woman is mother to mankind, who unfortunately governs them?"

- H.E. Lord *~Anecentric aka Sudip K Ghosh.

As you might have guessed, the above quotation is mine. Though I dedicate this section to all women who stood firm by my side during the tides of time, I have also included anecdotes where women were causes of the most turbulent ordeals of my life. I am staring this section with such ordeals as I am saving the best for the last.

All entries in this section are based on real events in my life and fiction as well. Please refer to the index below.
For privacy reasons, all names, except mine, have been changed in stories/ novels based on real life!