The Wolf Dog and Stacy ... pen


This is a story of Stacey and her hybrid wolf dog- Sparky.

It all started several years ago when Stacey was still in the fourth grade at school.

She thought she was living a perfectly happy life, but somewhere at the back of her mind he used to believe that something is missing. She was looking for something new to keep her mind occupied apart from the sea of toys and games that she had already obtained from her friends and family. She wanted a different kind of excitement.

Her father was had been working as a forest officer, and that's why he had been living in an area which was quite out of place. The only time Stacey could play with their friends was at school during the school recess. Apart from that during the evenings watching TV and listening to music was her only past time besides her studies and homework. It was not long that she realized that what she really wanted was a companion.

That day had been a perfectly normal at school and Stacy as usual was returning home riding her bicycle.

She never knew that her life is about change forever.

It all started when her cycle chain got dislodged and she got down to lodge it back in.

It was a simple task that father had taught her and she had mastered it up. Then came the surprise of her life.

She was startled to find a cute black puppy whimpering at her feet. She never saw it coming and she had no idea from where it had appeared. But looking into its innocent eyes and its playfulness, she developed an instant liking for it.
However she was afraid to take it home. She knew her mother and father would never approve of a pet because they believed Stacey was not big enough to take care of them herself.

So reluctantly she cycled on to some distance. Out of pity she turned back and she was surprised to see that the puppy dog was running after her cycle with all its might -puffing and panting. Now this was too much for little Stacey. She could not take it anymore; she picked up the little puppy, kissed it and placed it in the basket that was attached to the handle of her bicycle and decided to take it home.

It was not long that she reached home. Stacey covered the puppy with her sweater. She could figure out that her mother was busy in the kitchen cooking lunch. Stacey took advantage of the situation and took the little animal straight to the basement to the basement where she hid the little puppy.
She hoped to convince her mother before the puppy was discovered by her Dad, who was loving but a little strict than her mother.

As luck would have it, while Stacey was settling down a mother went down to the basement to look for something. All Stacy could hear was a her mother scream.Her mother was frightened of the sight of to glowing eyes in the dark basement.

It was not long that Stacey was being court marshaled by her mom and dad while she stood sobbing holding the puppy in her lap. She was pleading to let her parents keep the puppy and she promised that she would take proper care of it.

After a lot of grumbling by her parents and convincing on Stacy’s part, at last she was allowed to keep the puppy.

Soon it was the day for vaccination! Stacey and her parents happily took the puppy to a doctor. This was when Stacey got the shock of her life along with her parents.

"What did you pick up and bring home, little girl?” asked the Doctor.

"Why, it's cute little puppy... can't you see?", said Stacy who was genuinely surprised.

The Doctor said, "It is cute indeed and it is a puppy as of now- but the fact is- it seems to be a hybrid-wolf and not a doggy. Soon it will grow big and strong. It might grow bigger than you too and then it might eat you..."

The whole family started to think what to do? What to do?? What to do??
But by the time the entire family had become quite attached to the puppy, so they decided to keep it!

Time flew like wind and Stacey and her puppy grew up and are now her puppy is a full grown male hybridwolf - almost twice her size.

Till date, Stacey and her puppy hybrid-wolf Sparky (now fully grown) are very good friends!

There had been no instances of biting or sctraching!

I came across this image in Facebook quite a while back. Ever since I saw this picture, I got inpired to write the above little story. Well amazingly it has been almost two years that I actually found the time to type my thoughts and publish it to the web. I hope you like it.

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