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Let me tell you why I named the web site as "The Mighty Wings". To begin with, I will have to go back to the year 1989, when I was a kid growing up fast and I had a chance to learn Computer Science. During those days, browsers were not born at that time, the main programming language that I learnt was BASIC. Even the Virtual Reality might have been in the realms of conception...

It is a long story why I could not get the solace of being a certified Computer Software Programmer but I guess the instincts were inborn, so even if the lack of academic or any formal knowledge of Web page development was a great drawback, it did not prove to be a major deterrent.

The evolution of the internet made me explore many horizons of WWW or the World Wide Web or the Virtual World, and I am not wrong if I call it the "Fifth Dimension". I had been exposed to the Internet since the year 1999, that is nearly a century ago ... Ha ha ha ... and since then I had a great desire to create and publish a web site of my own.

The explorer in me read and learnt from Books, searched through the Virtual World, we call the internet for codes, design ideas, images, etc. I found a valued treasure of the same during my search that is still on.

Hence I still believe that in this web site there are a lot of areas where yet bigger mile stones can be achieved. There has been incorporation of the Search Engine Component* (at the top of the page), the JavaScript links and more such mile stones will indeed be covered in due course of time.

"Achieving heights is not difficult as maintaining that same level”, *~Anecentric

As you might have guessed; quotation is mine. I realized the above through an experience of a life time till date. So I am following the rules of the KISS law, Keep It Simple and Short.

This web site is a glimpse of my Creativity and it lets my spirits soar, hence the name "The Mighty Wings ".

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